Album ratings: Love is contagious- WurlD

WurlD finally released the ‘Love is contagious’ album on March 22, 2019. It is a 9 track project featuring 6 productions by the genius producer, shizzi. The first track on the album, “Show you off” was released in 2016 as the first single off the album. 3 years and two additional singles later, we finally got our hands on the long-awaited E.P.

We had a group listening session and decided to share the outcome from our in-house rating. The album, as the name suggests, have the reoccurring theme of LOVE. WurlD did not hold much back. He laid his vulnerabilities bare on each track with as much honesty as he possibly could. The American-Nigerian singer also seems to have found the right balance in terms of blending indigenous sounds with the Western RnB feel.

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The album kicks off with ‘show you off’ featuring Walshy and Shizzi. The song deserves much praise for its production and for that reason is our personal favorite here at Top50charts. Kudos to Shizzi as he did bits on that one. On “Contagious”, the afro-soul singer with the help of wiz producer, shizzi, successfully channeled his spirit on a Fuji type beat. He showed his versatility and did not seem fazed by the new territory. While on “Paranoid”, shizzi introduces the flutes and we absolutely love it.

Wishes and butterfly is another brilliant track off the album where WurlD showcases his artistic brilliance once more. It didn’t matter that it was the shortest track on the album, it was enough time to capture the work of art.


Also, some of the vocals on the album, especially on “feel right” sets off a feeling of nostalgia as they usher in memories of the legendary lighthouse family music band.

The entire album sounds like a magical gateway into a wonderland with the combination of its enthralling lyrics and all-round attractive productions. It scored an impressive average score of 7.3/10 and therefore comes highly recommended.

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