“A Collaboration with Tiwa Savage May Not Happen” – Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade who just released her 4th studio album “Woman of Steel”, had an interview with Ndani T.V recently where she shared some inside on her music. Bolanle Olukanni who interviewed her mentioned that after her reconciliation with Tiwa Savage, a lot of fans would be expecting a collaboration.

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To her surprise, Yemi Alade crashed the hopes of any collaboration happening between her and Tiwa Savage. She said “fans will always try to stir up something, which could make collaboration between them impossible”. Also, when Bolanale out rightly asked her about the collaboration, she said, “I don’t know how to answer this question”.

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Furthermore, Yemi Alade said a lot more regarding their collaboration. “It’s unfortunate that with the troubles that people keep steering, it probably will never allow us have a collaboration. Because you’re not sure the outcome would even be positive or be overrun by negative things and all the fights. When we do music, we do it so people can be happy, so when we do a song together, what are we fueling? What are we encouraging? That’s the most important question”.

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