Burna Boy chase fan who was “annoying” him out of his concert

Burna Boy is currently on his African Giant tour and he has carried his unique brand of energy to his fans in America. While touring all over the world one thing has remained constant at every one of his concerts, the energy and the emotions he brings.

He draws most of the energy from his attending fans at each venue he performs at. It is a mutual relationship between Burna Boy and his fans as he has always described that his drive for music is fuelled by the need to give his heart and sweat to his fans at all times. So this is why everyone who attends a Burna Boy concert knows what it means to. They all know how much making music means to him.

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But at his latest performance at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta Burna was particularly unimpressed by the energy of one of the fans in the front row. Burna boy, therefore, decided to refund his ticket fee and immediately asked that security escorts him out. He described the fan as ”annoying” and therefore was unworthy of a front row view if all he wanted to do was not to participate and kill the vibe.

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