Ycee comes for fans who question his craft and skill as a rapper

Apparently the Martell cypher 2 that was released yesterday raised some unsettling dust and sparked several debates about the state of rap music in Nigeria today. Following the line from MI abaga’s verse where he declared that only 4 rappers in Nigeria ever did it like him, many fans started scrambling for those he might be referring to.

Others even took the liberty to challenge MI’s authority by including him in polls while asking who is indeed the king of rap in Nigeria. One of those polls included Ycee and some do not seem to agree with his inclusion, questioning if Ycee even raps at all.

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While the sentiments behind such questions are understandable- as ycee has actively been singing more lately- the entire question itself is sketchy. And the rapper himself found it sketchy and the Rapper quickly replied, tooting his own horn in the process too. Ycee labeled himself as one of the best ever in the response.

The rapper followed the reply above with another tweet adding that he does not need validations before he knows how good he is at his craft.


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