Yemi Alade Explains How She Got On The Lion King Album

Yemi Alade in a chat with Ndani TV, breaks down how she got on the “Lion King: The Gift” album by Beyonce. She explained that there were over 150 songs they had already chosen. Yemi further explained that she just determined to give it her best and if she gets in or not, she knows she gave her best.

Furthermore, Yemi Alade explained one of the most inspiring thing she saw on getting to the Studio. She said that there were a lot of albums on display and her album, “Black Magic”, was on display. Also, Yemi explained that this inspired her cause she felt like they’ve been watching here and listening to her.

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See the interview on Instagram below.

Finally, when the “Lion King: The Gift” album was released, Yemi Alade was on the 6th and the 23rd track. The titles of the tracks are “Don’t Jealous Me” and “My Power”.

Listen to the “Lion King: The Gift” album by Beyonce on Spotify below.

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