Brymo Shares new information about his upcoming album

Brymo has given us an update about his new  which is set to be released next year. Brymo shared the new information on his twitter an hour ago: The song I just completed for my 2020 project is in pidgin English, and it’s the last of all 15 songs. I was initially considering dropping it, but it came to me last night to write an extra verse and voila! the song became complete… !!” 

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Brymo last month released a short project titled “AAA” under an unfamiliar alias, A.A.A. Which he later confirmed was the name of a band that he worked with to make the album. Upon the release of the 5 track project, many fans complained that it was too short and that they needed more music. Therefore the news of the 15-track project dropping next year will be joyfully received.

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