“Ghetto Love” Is Wizkid’s Poorest Release So Far!

“Ghetto Love” by Wizkid was released on the 13th of September 2019. Ever since it’s release, I’ve gotten mixed feelings about the song from various people. So far, I’ve been able to segregate the reception of the song from fans into three. Some who were genuinely excited and love the song, Some who were excited about the song but are disappointed by Wizkid and those who dislike the song.

I personally fall in the second category. The category of those who were excited about the song but are disappointed. I genuinely was expecting a lot more from the song. Maybe because of the reputation Wizkid has and the type of music he makes. But this “Ghetto Love”, it’s a NO for me and this is why.

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First of all, when Wiz announced the song, I was expecting it to sound like “Ojuelegba” or maybe “Sweet Love” because of the title. Furthermore, I expected it to be a song talking about how he grew up, where he came from and maybe the love the streets show him. unfortunately, it didn’t sound like that. The lyrics of the song made no correlation to the title “Ghetto Love”.

Secondly, the song to me wasn’t worth the wait. Wizkid has been promoting new music since but he kept postponing it. When he finally decided to release new music, it was “Ghetto Love”. When I heard it, what came to my mind was “really, this is it? wow”.

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Despite all of this disappointment, there was still a good side to the song but unfortunately, Wizkid contributed nothing to the good side. The only thing good about “Ghetto Love” was the instrumental. Killertunes and Kel P came through with a solid production. The vibes on the beat was undefeated and gave the song some form of Rhythm. Asides this, nothing more was fascinating and interesting about “Ghetto Love”.

In my opinion, Wizkid didn’t put in any effort into making “Ghetto Love” compared to his past projects. Unfortunately, it is evident that “Ghetto Love” is Wizkid’s Poorest release so far.

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