Nothing To See Here. Just Johnny Drille Goshing Over His Music.

Johnny Drille is one of the few artistes in Nigeria who makes really great and meaningful music. Though he might be underrated, Johnny has managed to still keep his name and his songs on the lips of his fans.

Also, sometimes, it is good for artistes to appreciate their art, their works and just see how far they’ve progressed. Johnny Drille has been known to do this most of the time. Also, before he released his latest single, “Count On You”, he said it was the biggest love song ever and the best he has written so far. To be honest, it is arguably one of the best love songs recorded in history.

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Furthermore, yesterday, Johnny took to his twitter to appreciate his self for writing sweet and loving lyrics. Also, he said that sometimes when he read his lyrics, he says aww. “I dey write sweet things sha. I dey read my own lyrics, I go come dey say aww”.

See the Tweet below.

This is a really good culture that Johnny Drille has developed. This just preaches even if no one appreciates you, you should appreciate your self.

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Listen to “Count On You” by Johnny Drille on Apple Music. 

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