Marlians, What Do you think Comes Next For Naira Marley?

Naira Marley took to twitter and in his words called himself the “Lord of Lamba”. To be fair his performance on his latest singles very well acclaims this level of confidence. It is going all too well for him at the moment but I doubt anyone can foresee where all this is building up too.

Not everyone can pull off what Burna Boy did when he decided he was making a whole album off the Coachella mishap. At first, he even got crucified by his own country people when he voiced his discontent towards having his name written in small fonts. But Burna boy in response to all that backlash decided to make a whole album off it, backed with a concrete plan. That was a man with a meaningful end goal. This simple but very defined action on the part of Burna has taken his career from 30 to 500. And he has, without doubt, laid a solid foundation for leaving behind a worthy legacy.

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What Comes Next For Naira Marley?

Now Naira Marley has successfully navigated a damning time in his career but what is his end goal and what can his fans expect from him. He continues to claim that he was wrongfully indicted and that his arrest was all a witchhunt, so one begins to wonder what he plans on doing, is he putting together an E.P to this effect, what are his long term goals?

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While he has done well to turn this whole situation around, he has a real opportunity to do more than just release hit singles. He is currently in a position to make a real statement. By so doing etching his name in the history books. That is if it is indeed true he is innocent of all those charges as he claims. The issue of police brutality is a prevailing discussion in today’s clime. I’m sure he could use his platform a little more effectively. Especially now that he has also been wronged by their shady dealings.

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