Haaa, “Somebody save me ooo”!!! as the month of September has successfully breezed in and breezed out in the blink of an eye. With the rate at which the year is flying, there are definitely a couple of things that don’t seat well with fans of music stars and needs addressing.

With all the joy, energy and buzz that comes with the “EMBER” season, it’s safe to say that this is the right time to clear the air and tell our dearly beloveth artists some of the things they do that should go with the month of September.

  • Music Disappointment-   well this year, most artists weirdly cultivated the habits of disappointing their beloved fans. They hint at a music project and not debut it and that has been very annoying. The worst part is that some of our great and loved oldies in the industry also copied this habit. The part that gets me mad is the fact that they go ahead and build major buzz around it, give a date and make u thirsty to hear what they have and boom!! they break your heart, leaving you disappointed and heartbroken!!! So our dearly beloved music stars, on behalf of your fans, I dey beg una make una stop they do us long throat and that this new habit should go with September.
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  • Another one is Sound Repetition –   obviously, new stars were born this year and to God be the glory, most of them came as full packages; with their own kindah vibes and sounds. We can, however, say the birthing of new sounds gave room for renovation, to breathe positive competition and growth in the industry as it has prompted some of our stars to go back to their drawing boards and bring forth something new. And that has somehow helped tune down the level of copy copy in the industry.                                                                                                                                                              But sadly, some people have decided to remain stagnant, repeating sounds that are long overdue. They have refused to be creative or better still give themselves a “new sound” and that can cause a huge drop in growth no matter how much of an oldie he/she might be. And it’s not that these stars arent good, some, if not most of them are top-notch so I wonder why nothing has changed.
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Nevertheless, if they do nothing about it, the newborns would take over. Either way, it would be good to start a new month with fresh sounds.

  • The Away Givers (give away):   this one eeyyy, “ogidi ghan”. You see this table I am shaking, everybody and I mean every single person is on it and that’s not a sin as it is a way cultivated to market or create publicity for a person or brand. Nevertheless, my problem with some of these “away givers” is the fact that after drawing attention and crowd, you don’t fulfill your promises.

Most of our celebrities will come on social media, rant and make noise about something and even go the length to attach monetary gifts or prizes to them to draw attention just to not follow up after getting what they want. I sha won’t blame them, na the people wey they always find awoof i just they pity.

However, the case of unfulfilling giveaways should also end with the month biko. If not…, let me just end here.


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