DJ Big N Speaks On The “Sex For Grades” Documentary

Earlier this week, a video released by BBC, portraying the atrocities that go on behind closed doors in Universities tagged “Sex For Grades” was released and it caught the attention of many. Many have come out to speak their truth and opinions on the issue.

One of the celebrities who spoke on the issue is Mavin records in-house DJ, DJ Big N. He took to his Instagram page to reveal how aggrieved he was by the video. He even revealed personal experiences where some lecturers do the same to his female classmates at his university.

However, he had a different approach to the matter. he said that one of the things that aid this unfortunate phenomenon is the pressure some parents put on their wards to get good grades. He said, “I just watched the documentary on the the sex for grades lecturers. It’s very appalling. Funny thing is it has been going on for decades. Even while i was in school, a particularly “yuppy” lecturer had slept with 10% of the girls in my department just for good grades. He got a warning”.

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Furthermore, he said, “As far as I’m concerned, he should be made never to practice again in his life. This f*cking country and the pressure parents also put on kids to get good grades and go to school doesn’t help either”.

Also, he also left words of advice for those who can keep to their pants. He said, “If konji hold you like that, go and pay for a prostitute. I am so pissed this sht still happens and universities almost don’t give a fck. A whole staff club have “a cold room” where they molest female students. Call all of them out and terminate their employment. Parents cultivate an open relationship with your kids. Most of these girls are afraid to talk to their parents about it. It’s 2019 for fuck sake. WAKE UP”.

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See the post on his Instagram below.

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