It is Ridiculous to Directly Copy Wizkid’s Melodies- Bankulli

Former manager to D’banj and a highly respected figure in the Nigerian music scene has had his say about what he considers as the usurpation of Wizkid‘s work. According to Bankulli, he finds it completely nauseating that several artists are currently trying too hard to sound like wizkid. He claims he understands it is simply a bid to recreate a working formula on the part of these artists. But he still finds it appalling that the guilty parties do not even attempt to be creative with it.

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It is nauseating listening to some releases of music from the home front. It’s more like most of them are exact replicas of Wizkid’s songs. I totally understand the idea of following his footsteps but it is ridiculous to directly copy word for words and melodies..” The business mogul wrote on his official Twitter.

He also added that:

“I am just putting it out here for all the artiste using these mentioned formulas to know it is horrible and fans can differentiate with there listening ears. You can sample but be super creative and use sense too.”

Bankulli himself did not mention any artist in particular. But a lot of comment under the tweet seems to mention one artist in unison, Rema. But one expects speculations to go up whenever vague accusation of this nature occurs. For all we know, he may not even have anyone specific person in mind and it was just him giving a general assessment of things.

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