M.I; The Tale of A Rat. True or False?

This year thus far has been a year of revival and the hip-hop industry in Nigeria.  The hip- hop’s industry attention, reputation and listener-ship has grown further this 2019. But the reason why the rap culture has been prominent these past few months is because of the feud between M.I and Vector.

M.I & Vector are both respected rappers in the music industry who have achieved a lot over the years in their careers. But recently, after a cognac cypher, shots were fired between M.I & Vector and it caught the attention of many. M.I released the “Martel Cypher” to shade the other cognac Vector is affiliated with. On hearing this, Vector responded with another diss track titled “The Purge”. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there.

M.I and Vector had several back and forth on Twitter and then, it became personal. Days later, M.I releases a Diss track for vector alone this time around titled “The Viper”. In this song, M.I went all out on Vector, called him names and tagged him a jealous snake who has always been jealous of his achievements. This is where the birth of the #Nosnakes began. This caused an uproar on Twitter as fans attacked Vector for being Jealous and not supportive.

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Vector on hearing this, also got angry and released a response to his diss track titled “Judas – The Rat”. This response by vector spread like a wild fire because of the details in the song. Vector exposed several M.I secrets and dirty businesses he carried out. He also exposed how M.I doesn’t treat his family and music label mates fairly.

On hearing this, Twitter shook with the response of Vector. Some where shocked while some weren’t surprised. The Shocking part of the tale by Vector is the confessions that came from it. Several artistes came out to say indeed, M.I is corny and a cheat. Also, Some artistes have joined Vector in attacking M.I by releasing diss tracks. Just immediately after Vector released the track, CDQ also called out M.I and released a Diss track for him. Also, Victoria Kimani, who is a former label mate of M.I’s Chocolate City Music also called M.I a rat on twitter. Furthermore, Milli, another label mate of M.I’s Chocolate City Music also shared his own tale. He said he had to pay millions just so he could get off M.I’s music contract.

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With tales like this concerning M.I, could M.I be a pretender like he has been tagged? Could he be living in the shadows like “Judas”? Is M.I really a “Rat”?

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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