Donjazzy Composes Empowering message in Support of Black Women

Don Jazzy has recently developed a side interest for conscious activism using his social media account. Before he started, he advised his large followers to try and listen to the “voice of the Don” whenever they see a message from him that ends with the hashtag #VoiceOfTheDon. And so far he has touched on several socio-economic issues ranging from government policies to our collective responsibilities towards making Nigeria great. Today’s voice of the Don crusade is especially dedicated to black women and people of color in general.

He recognized that black people are often subjected to some rather below the belt jokes about how black their skin color is. Or even questions like why it is that black. And here is what don jazzy had to say:

Black is powerful, black is Elegant, black is adaptable, black is diligent & energetic. It is valiant, black is fearless, black is indestructible. It doesn’t fade, black doesn’t crack. Black is the origin, black is the source – the mother of all colours. #VoiceOfTheDon

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