“I Just Want To Seal My Place In The Game” – Rema

Headies Next Rated Artiste for 2019, Rema, has definitely made a statement since his debut. He has been impressive and he has shown that he’s a multi-talented artiste. Before the release of his latest E.P, “Bad Commando”, made some “table shaking” statements at the event.

When asked about his music, he said that his songs are in line of the new wave of artists coming out of Nigeria. He also added that saying he’s the bad commando means saying he’s the leader of the pack, but as he mentioned, he cannot lead the wave alone hence he’s recruiting soldiers to take on the movement with him.


Rema said, “A commando is someone trained for a special type of reason in the security area. They have special mission to attend to, so yeah, I see myself as the leader of the new wave, the new sound and i’m leading it. And I can’t do it alone, I need more soldiers and stuff like that but I see myself as the leader of the new wave.

When asked about his “Bad Commando” E.P Rema Said; “I just want to seal my place in the game you know. As D’Prince told me, I’m not upcoming, I’m just a new player in the game. So I just want to seal my position in the whole game. So Bad Commando is a statement, letting people know who I really am and I’m not that cool boy in this P, I’m not that lover boy, I’m that hard guy coming to take over the game.

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