George Floyds’ Murder Update

Everyone is still seeking justice for George Floyds’ murder and for black lives generally. The police officer in charge of the arrest “Derek Chauvin” has been charged with murder. Even so, Derek Chauvin has been moved to a top-notch secure prison as he awaits his first court date.

According to Daily Mail, Chauvin was moved to Oak Park Heights Prison, Minneapolis. This prison is said to have the most hated and high-risk inmates. The prison is located on the border with Wisconsin, between the cities of Bayport and Stillwater.

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Due to the ongoing protest over George Floyds’ murder, Chauvin’s court day has been set for June 8. While Chauvin is away in prison his wife “Kellie Chauvin” has filed for a divorce.

The other officers involved in the arrest and murder of George Floyd have been fired. But are yet to be arrested or charged. In all this, we hope for the justice system to be fair and just.

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