A Plus Reacts To Felix Owusu’s Recent Scandal Of Chasing Somebody’s Girlfriend

Comedian and social commentator Kwame A Plus has reacted to the recent video of former deputy minister of information, Felix Owusu’s recent scandal.

Recently a video has been circulating on social media where the former deputy minister was being accused of chasing somebody’s soon to be wife which has caused a lot of humiliation for him.

A Plus reacting to this news decided to jump to the defense of the former minister saying, “Somebody has a girlfriend, he went to visit his girlfriend, you came to the house that the girlfriend is your brother in abroad’s girlfriend so you have recorded them and released the video.. Like I don’t get it. The lady is not your wife, she is not your girlfriend, she is rather your brother in abroad’s girlfriend whom he has proposed to marry. How do you know if it is not your brother rather who is chasing Felix girlfriend?

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Kyerɛ sɛ, this country ankasa it is difficult to understand some people. Ah!!!”

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