Anonymous Digital Marketer Disproves CitiNewsRoom Facebook Data On 2020 General Election (VIDEO)

A renowned digital marketer has rubbished the data Citinewsroom gathered from Facebook concerning the 2020 General election.

Recall that Citinewsroom reported a detailed data highlighting the number of ads and amount of money spent by the various political parties in Ghana between the month of August to December 2020.

In the photo below, it was clear that the total number of ads run by all the political parties was 3,989 and $234,496 which is over GH¢1,300,000 was spent on ads within the space of 5 months.

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After this went viral, a digital marketer who didn’t disclose his name alleged that the data from Citinewsroom is fallacious. He backed his claims using the Facebook Ads Library and the relative amount of users on the mentioned platform.

He went ahead to disprove the number of ads creatives run by each political party with the new Facebook tool. He concluded by calling out the News media to come out to prove their data and stop putting dust into the eyes of Ghanaians.

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Watch Video Here;

Below are some reactions from Ghanaians who chanced upon Citinewsroom data regarding the political parties.

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Screen Shot 2020 12 18 at 3.01.46 PM


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