Stonebwoy Drags Two Bloggers To The Police On False Accusation That Blakk Cedi Is The Real Father Of His Son

Stonebwoy and his wife have dragged two bloggers who made false publications that Blakk Cedi is the real father of their son to the police.

In pictures trending on social media, the two bloggers made a post insinuating that the former manager of Stonebwoy, Blakk Cedi is the biological father of the son of Stonbewoy.

It seems Stonebwoy took actions as he saw the post.

The two bloggers Razak Ghana and Gideon Ofori received an invitation by the police to help in investigations.

Gideon Ofori wrote on 27th December 2020, “So they are saying Dr Louisa’s son is for Black Cidi instead of Stonebwoy? I can’t believe”

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stonebwoy sues bloggers

Gideon then apologized to Stonebwoy and his wife begging for forgiveness after picking up his invitation from the police.

His apology read as: “On 27th December 2020 I made a publication on my timeline promulgating a false rumour that Dr Louisa’s son Is for Black Cidi instead of Stonebwoy.

This rather distasteful false rumour has been widely circulated.

And the consequences have been invited by the police to assist in investigations.

I want to take this medium to send an apology to Dr Louisa, the husband (Stonebwoy), the family and the fan base for subjecting them to public ridicule and pain due to my amateurish type of blogging.

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Also, I am calling on Those Called Celebs and other bloggers and social media users who had screenshot my post and have publicised it on their platforms to pull it down.

To my colleague bloggers, Its about time we get serious with what we do and also take the ethics of our job serious in order not to infringe people’s right.
I have learnt my lessons.” he wrote.

Razak Ghana also apologized appropriately.

See screenshot below;

stonebwoy sues bloggers
stonebwoy sues bloggers


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