3 Days After One Lady From Togo Claims She’s Rawlings Daughter, Another Beautiful Woman From Breman Asikuma Says Rawlings Was Her Father

Before we could properly subject Abigail Rawlings Mawutor’s claim that she’s Rawlings biological daughter to scrutiny, another woman from the Central Region of Ghana called Kate Yeboah has also shown up singing the same tune.

From what we sighted from Browngh.com, Kate said her mother met the late former President at Breman Asikuma where she resided, leading to a relationship that will later produce her. Kate said she subsequently lived under the guardianship of an aunt and her husband who was a military officer because her biological mother struggled to take care of her as she was single.

Her guardians, she said, referred to her as Zanator, arousing her curiosity and subsequent decision to probe further. Her probes, she said, led to her guardians confessing to her that she was fathered by the man Jerry John Rawlings.

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According to her, her mother once collapsed on hearing of Mr. Rawlings’ name, an incidence that further heightened her curiosity, making her draw confessions from her mother that indeed, Mr. Rawlings was her father.

Kate said it was after the confessions that she connected and developed a father-daughter bond with the late former president. According to Kate, she has, on several occasions, had private conversations with Mr. Rawlings during visits she paid him with her children.

She has also alluded to text messages she has exchanged with the late statesman as evidence of their relationship and conversations, messages she said she will forever keep and cherish.

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On why she has waited until Rawlings’ death before surfacing with her story, Kate said she had to keep her relationship with her ‘farther’ secrete because she wasn’t sure of how her immediate family will take the news.

The self-acclaimed daughter has also sent exclusive photos of herself on social media and said the late former president adequately compensated her for their lost time by paying her children’s fees as well as taking care of their upkeep till his death in November last year.

Kate is the second woman to have laid claim to being a daughter to the late Rawlings as one Abigail Mawutor Rawlings, 52 also made similar claims a few hours before her.

Information from Browngh.com

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com

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