Satan Visited Me On Facebook – Bridget Otoo Confirms After Saying She Wants To Meet Satan Within 24 Hours

Broadcast Journalist Bridget Otoo has confirmed that Satan has visited her after requesting to meet the spiritual being known as by the Christian set as Lucifer, the fallen angel.

Bridget Otoo on expressing her views on the raging debate on legalization of same sex as the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer (LGBTQ) rise to demand from Ghana government to legalize their so called right for practicing same sex.

According to Bridget Otoo, the LGBTQ have their utmost right to practice their individual preferred sexual intimacy with any gender they want.

When the popular journalist publicly approved her support to legalize LGBTQ, some Ghanaians who oppose the agenda rain insults and trolls on her, Bridget Otoo bounced back on twitter and said she’ll love to meet Satan himself if practicing gay is equated to being in bed with Satan.  

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These conversation took place on twitter on Thursday, 25th February.

On the next day, Bridget Otoo came with a tweet that she has indeed met Satan on Facebook and shows evidence of her chat with Satan, the old serpent.

A Facebook user, identified as Kwasi Takyi sent a private message to Bridget Otoo that if she does not stop supporting the LGBTQ group, he Kwasi Takyi is going to torture her in hell forever and ever.

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Bridget Otoo in the chat welcomed Satan for revealing himself as Kwasi Takyi and thanked him for letting her known that he’s going to keep her company in hell.

She tweeted “When I wrote that I wanted to meet Satan, I didn’t expect it to be so quick. Imagine my surprise Last night when Satan visited me on Facebook. Unfortunately Satan Woman supervillain has blocked me so he won’t see my response but I hope you share it with him.”

Below is the screenshots of Bridget Otoo conversation with Satan

bridget otoo meet satan


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