School Used Nomcebo Zikode’s ‘Jerusalema’ In A Test (Watch)

The Jerusalema singer was added to an Afrikaans listening test at Edenvale High School.

Heading to instagram, Nomcebo shared a video showing that the song was used in an Afrikaans listening school test in Edenvale, Johannesburg.

“@edenvalehighschool1 used Jerusalema in one of their tests at school,” said Nomcebo.

One of the teachers from the school walked Nomcebo’s followers through the process of the test and how they made it happen.

“So we did a listening test in the Afrikaans class and the topic was on the Jerusalema song. The learners wrote the test and it was out of 10. They did very well and I told them that the lady lives close by,” he said.

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