Young Man Beheads His Grandmother, Sends Chopped Head To The Police Station

Kisumu Central Police in Kenya has apprehended a young man believed to be in his 20’s for reportedly cutting off the head of his grandmother and courageously sending the head to the police.

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The young man who is yet to be identified placed the head of his deceased grandmother in a plastic bag and sent it to the police station.

After the courageous move, the young man asked the police officers at the station to open the bag for themselves to see what he placed inside.

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After they opened the bag, the policemen on duty were shocked to see the head of a woman in the bag. Per their investigations, the woman happens to be the grandmother of the young man.

However, it has not been revealed the motive behind the young man’s actions but he was escorted by the police in the van to the scene to convey the body remains of his deceased grandmother.

The body was evacuated from the scene ostensibly for examination as the suspect remains in police custody to assist them with their investigations.

Meanwhile, in Ghana here, another body was exhumed two days ago at Aboa. The body was said to have had its head, limbs, and penis chopped off by some unknown killers.

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The body is yet to be identified as the Assemblyman in the community appeals to the Ghana Police for extra security in the community.

The Assemblyman revealed that the elders and chief have poured libation to appease the spirit for the spilling of blood on the land. Residents of Aboa community now live in fear as the police continues their investigations.


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