Lord Alan Sugar reveals Daniel Levy conversation as he gives verdict on Tottenham board decision

Lord Alan Sugar has revealed that he spoke to Daniel Levy and told him that the European Super League was not a good idea.

Announcing their plans three weeks ago to join forces with 11 of Europe’s top clubs to form a new league, Tottenham and the rest of the Premier League’s big six all pulled out of the highly-criticised concept 48 hours later following a huge backlash.

With protests taking place at Stamford Bridge, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and the Emirates days after the announcement, the Premier League clubs involved certainly haven’t heard the last of it from their fans.

On Tuesday Tottenham released a statement apologising for their mistake regarding the European Super League as well as reflecting on some of the other decisions that have taken place in N17 over the past few weeks.

Lord Sugar labelled the failed European Super League plans as a “total joke” and confirmed that he spoke to Levy to try and get him to reverse his decision.

“I’m delighted that all of the [Premier League] clubs pulled back,” said the former Spurs chairman when speaking on White and Jordan on talkSPORT on Wednesday.

“Tottenham, my club, what they did was say, ‘hold on a minute, include us, please. We’re a big club, we want to come in, so don’t just leave it as the Manchester clubs, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, we want to come in’.

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“I spoke to Daniel Levy and I said to him, ‘Daniel, this is not a good idea. You have an opportunity here of being magnanimous and pulling out and saying the fans don’t want it, so we’re going to come out’.

“It’s an absolute, total joke and an example of the Americans trying to take over our game.”

He added: “All I did was send him [Levy] a WhatsApp message.

“We communicate quite a lot with each other on certain things. But I said to him, ‘the fans are more important’.

“In our game in England, we’ve got enough money. There is enough money being thrown at the league by the various TV companies, overseas rights, UK rights.

“You’ve got Amazon, BT Sport, Sky, the BBC. Quite frankly, what they [the clubs] need to do is come up with some solution of how to tailor what they pay for transfers and wages.

Another protest is set to take place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium when Spurs take on Aston Villa next month
Another protest is set to take place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium when Spurs take on Aston Villa next month

“I know it’s an old, old story, but what can you do?”

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In the statement released by the club on Tuesday they also revealed that they will be establishing a club advisory panel which will see supporters sit on the club’s board.

While this is something that many fans have called for as they bid to stop Tottenham making decisions like they did over the European Super League, Lord Sugar is not in favour of it at all.

“That is totally ridiculous to have fans on the board, it’s absolutely totally ridiculous,” stated the 74-year-old.

“At Tottenham now we’ve got a new stadium with 60,000 capacity, we’ve got 60,000 managers that all know best and they know better than anybody else. You don’t want them anywhere near the board.

“The board has got to be controlled by the owners and at best has got to have some director of football that actually has been in football and understands football.

“I at the tailend of my ownership of Tottenham, I had Martin [Peters] as one of our ex-players and West Ham players on the board, and I had David Pleat on the board, people of knowledge who know what they’re talking about.”

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