Summitech disrupts health sector with Indigo healthcare management solution

By Prince Osuagwu

Technology company, Summitech Computing Limited, has shaken Nigeria’s poor healthcare system to the core foundations with innovative and disruptive technology solutions led by Indigo.

Indigo is a hospital management software solution which is running in eight top healthcare institutions in the country. However, the solution is about to be radically transformed to revolutionise a healthcare system that has remained inadequate in spite of all the funds governments at all levels claim to have pumped into it.

These upgrades will also come with an expansion program to increase the reach of its services to both hospitals in rural areas and those accessed by the poor masses.

Summitech made the revelation at a virtual event held to commemorate the company’s re-entry into the ICT space and how they intend to play in the sector.

CEO of the company, Mr. Adekunle Kunle-Hassan, said: “To strengthenn our health system and make it uncompromised, effective and efficient, Summitech recognised the gap and introduced the first version of Indigo. The software is one that finds ways of trimming financial and human resource waste and makes the system responsive to the real health needs of the people and enhances the hospital visit experience.

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Indigo was built with the aim of digitizing patient records, reducing patient wait time, improving hospital management of its inventory and payments and access to comprehensive reports. Initial tests have proven the software to achieve a fully utilised and efficient hospital management system. This is currently used across eight healthcare centres in Nigeria, including the largest eye clinic in Sub-Saharan Africa,” he added.

Also the Chief Operating Officer of the company, Babatope Olosunde pointed out that apart from the company’s positive healthcare footprint, Summitech is committed to provide great commercial benefits from other products.

He said: “We ensure that hospitals, developers and other clients alike can look forward to a high standard of execution, speed, and great quality products. Our IT technical support goes beyond monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks of our clients, we ensure that their businesses are transformed into profitable and data-driven organizations where collaborations and access to mission critical data is achieved.”

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As an ICT company with a global reach, the company aims to expand on the existing successes of its products. An example is Git Explorer, one-stop open-source software created for developers to access a library of Git commands and aid their work process. Git Explorer has been used in over 40 countries with the USA housing the largest number of users of the software.

Summitech is also impacting the Tech community by hosting a yearly Quality Assurance training which provides a pathway for more young people to work in the Tech industry. The top three trainees are offered a three-month internship position at Summitech. This year, Summitech got certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) and the training will be coming up later this month.

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