Every word Ryan Mason said on Harry Kane, if he said goodbye, fans protesting and Tottenham loss

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What did you make of the performance?

The performance, I thought we started well, started brightly and we scored a good goal. We were fully in control of the match and then obviously an unfortunate situation gave them a goal, which was difficult.

I think as well the second goal we gave them so we’ve given two goals in a Premier League match and it’s very difficult when you give a solid team two goals.

We started well, had some moments also in the second half where we need to take them for the whole momentum, the whole feeling of the game. We didn’t so obviously very disappointed with how this evening has panned out.

You said yesterday that you didn’t think there was such a disconnect between the club and fans, did their reaction at the final whistle surprise you?

We’ve just lost a game of football. It’s an emotional game. Our fans care. I care, so I’ve no problem with fans being disappointed.

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They’ve come here to support us and they wanted us to win. We didn’t do that. I feel very disappointed that we didn’t do that. So they’re emotional. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s normal in this game. It shows they care.

If Tottenham don’t get Europe will that be seen as a major disaster?

We have got another game at the weekend. I have said all along I am not going to answer hypothetical questions. We are disappointed with not only tonight but also the season.

It is not where we want to be, it’s no secret, we have said that, everyone has said that. It has been a disappointing campaign, but we have to try and get a positive result at the weekend and see what happens from there.

Was Harry’s lap of honour a farewell?

It’s normal. If anyone has been at the last home game of the season while Harry Kane has played at this football club, he has been pretty consistent in going around the pitch, clapping the fans and getting a good reaction.

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Nothing has changed this season to home games in previous seasons, it’s normal.

The build-up was heavily dominated by Harry, did that have an impact on the performance?

No I don’t think so. If we started the game terribly and were 2-0 down after 10 minutes maybe you could say that, but we didn’t. We were 1-0 up in 10 minutes and in control. So no, I don’t believe that.

We are professionals, we are paid to do a job. The players were fully focused on the match. It is really disappointing we have lost the game tonight.

The hope and expectation was to win, we haven’t done that, the players are disappointed, the fans are and I am sure those people at home are as well.

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