Every word David Moyes said on West Ham’s European quest, Lukasz Fabianski injury and transfers

How important does that win feel? You showed a lot of resilience and character to come from behind after the penalty miss. You must be delighted with that?

Yeah, it was a different type of win tonight and it was a really tough game for us, physically tough the way West Brom played it was difficult to play against. They are a much-improved side if you think of them playing Liverpool on Saturday, so it was a good victory for us in the end.

You are a point away now from Europa League football, you are so close now. What is the general feeling around that?

Yes, it is and I am really delighted we have got ourselves in this position but it is not done. I will go away and enjoy it and look at the permutations but we know that ultimately we are the ones who have to be in charge and we have to win the game. If we win the game then there is no danger and so I am really pleased with the players.

We have been playing really well I feel, tonight we did not play really well but tonight we found another way of winning and making sure we did it.

It shows at West Ham that we have a group who can win whatever type of game it is.

How important was it that around the hour mark that the with the chances being wasted the team kept their heads and kept going?

Yes, I agree. It looked as if tonight was going to be another night where we missed our chances, so I was really pleased that we got through.

I was really pleased that Micky Antonio got a goal, he needed it and was due it. I was pleased that Tomas [Soucek] was back on the scoresheet again because he is so important to us.

All in all, it ended up a good night after we had lost Lukasz [Fabianski] in the warm-up and we missed a penalty after thirty seconds and then go a goal down so it showed a lot of character and a lot of big heart from the players to go at it.

What happened to Fabianski?

He had just about completed [his warm-up] and he went down to get his last one and he went down to his right side and felt his knee go from under him a little bit.

He got up and kicked a ball and felt his knee, so it is something to do with his knee, I don’t know what he has done if it is bad or not too bad we have no idea.

Obviously, it is a blow because he has been very good for us and I was concerned when we lost him in the warm-up.

West Ham's Polish goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski is injured in the warm up and withdraws from the game against West Brom (Photo by MOLLY DARLINGTON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
West Ham’s Polish goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski is injured in the warm up and withdraws from the game against West Brom (Photo by MOLLY DARLINGTON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Was there any debate about who was going to take the penalty?

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No. Jesse [Lingard] has been asking for it and he has already asked me again, but I think there are a few wanting them now but overall I told Dec [Rice] to take it and he knew that he was on them if we got one.

That is eight assists for Aaron Cresswell this season, what are your thoughts on that?

I think Aaron Cresswell has played really well in so many of the games. I thought he showed composure tonight when he was dealing with balls in the air and with cushioned headers taking the pressure off of us.

I think Cressie has improved as a player more in the last six months than in what I had seen in the last couple of years. He has really come on again and I think maybe the couple of different roles and I think maybe he has taken pride in the deliveries and in creating the goals and assists, and I think he has taken pride in that so he will feel great he ahs got another assist tonight.

Antonio and Soucek are on ten goals this season and Lingard is on nine, has that been your main takeaway this season that it is a team effort and not focused on one player?

Yeah, but I would not have minded if I had got one who had scored me twenty that’s for sure!

But if you had given me ten from a midfield player and we bring in Jesse in January and he has nine at the moment, wow that’s terrific.

Micky has been really good all season and I am pleased he got the goal tonight I just felt he needed it a bit so I am glad he got that goal.

Fans will be back on Sunday for the game against Southampton and we saw the West Brom fans tonight, how much are you looking forward to having the West Ham fans back?

I am really looking forward to it because if they are as noisy as the West Brom fans tonight then we are in for a treat because I thought the West Brom fans were terrific tonight.

For a club which has just been relegated I thought they got right behind their club and their team tonight.

Fans of West Bromwich Albion applaud Ainsley Maitland-Niles of West Bromwich Albion during the Premier League match between West Bromwich Albion and West Ham United (Photo by Molly Darlington - Pool/Getty Images)
Fans of West Bromwich Albion applaud Ainsley Maitland-Niles of West Bromwich Albion during the Premier League match between West Bromwich Albion and West Ham United (Photo by Molly Darlington – Pool/Getty Images)

That is 31 points in away matches this season the most since 1985-86, that is a phenomenal feat.

Yes, thank you and it is and I think of some of the games where we went and won at Elland Road and at Goodison, and we have won here. We have had some terrific results on the road this year and a lot of clubs have.

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We are not quite sure what it is down to but I hope it is because we are better and we have played well in the games and nothing to do with crowds.

Tonight we have equaled the club record for points in the Premier League, one more point and we beat that record and we get into Europe as well. We have a big game on Sunday and I hope we can find a way to get over the line and beat both of those records.

You would have got long odds on Angelo Ogbonna scoring, it has been a long time since his last goal, they are rare occasions but when they do come they are priceless goals.

They certainly are, he got us the goal at Elland Road that got us the points there this season.

We have been pretty good at set-pieces this season and we have dried up a little bit recently, with just not quite good enough deliveries or not getting on the end of them but I was really pleased Angelo got on the end of one tonight.

Obviously, you knew after the Tottenham result that you could climb above them, how much of a role did that play in the performance tonight?

I honestly do not think it had anything to do with it at all because we were calm and [knew] that other teams could overtake us. So we knew that we had to win our games, I was really focused on our game and how we could win it.

We could not expect everybody else to win their games and we have to win our game on Sunday and we are aware of that.

We have been driving into the players what we need to do we are really close but we are not there yet and it will be terrific if we can do it and we have to go again on Sunday.

It is great that we go to the last game of the season with all the problems everybody has had and the West Ham supporters get to see their team with a bit of luck doing something special.

If you get into Europe does this squad need significant strengthening to cope with that campaign and how will you go about managing that task in the summer?

If we do need a bigger squad and you do not have the money then you are going to have to find cheaper players or free transfers or find a different type.

It has never been my style to go and demand money, the club will tell me what they have got to spend and I will try and do the best I can with what I have got.

I will try and get players in who can improve the team and if we made Europe then it might be different, but I am not there [yet], so maybe that question I am hopeful or would like to have to answer after the game on Sunday.

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