Cover Your Face In Shame If You Voted For Buhari Because You Were Warned- Georgina Onuoha To Nigerians

Taking to her Instagram page, she shared a video of Channels Television interrupting the statement of Afenifere leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo as he was on a video interview. Onuoha dragged the name of the sympathisers of Buhari for following him against all odds.

Shar ing the video she wrote: @channelstelevision this reporter should be fired. Why are you not letting your guest finish his thought process? Why cut him off?
If it were to be Gumi the head of bandits, meyitti Allah and Fulani herdsmen you will allow him all the time on earth to spew his venom and deceit.
You guys are part of the problem.
Are you more concerned about losing your broadcasting rights than reporting the truth?
Let the man speak no matter how inconvenient his words might sound to you.

Indulge him the time. That is why you have him on.
It is no breaking news that Buhari was born a feudalist, raised a dictator and is on a personal mission to wipe out Nigerians are replace them with Fulanis from neighboring.

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What Dan Fodio could not achieve in a century, Buhari and his cohorts have achieved in 6 years.
Sadly, this will fail as Nigerians are awakening to the dangers ahead.
If you voted for this man, I hope you cover your face in shame because you were warned. I personally did on my page .
But we are quick to worship “strong men” which in political science simply means dictators.
I’m glad you all are having buyers remorse as many of you sold your souls just because he put a Yoruba pastor on his tickets. You all fell for the scam.
It is only in Nigeria that former coup plotters and dictators are recycled as change agents and the people fall for it. Men who should be serving time in prison.
We worship criminals and politicians, and wonder why they “Lord” over us instead of working for us.
Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it’s mistakes.
I feel like dragging one useless Nigerian actress who had the audacity to slide into my Dm spewing nonsense simply because she is a bed sharer with a politician while being married. I’m glad her “squad” dropped her after knowing what a user and grifter she is.
Trust me I knew her way better before the so called squad picked her up.
Deceiving themselves as married women while sleeping around. Now she is divorced like me and hiding it from the public. Oloriburuku somebody. As if we don’t know you’ve been a punching bag since the day you married the loser of a husband. Nonsense.

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