Arnold Fires Samini’s Former Manager, Tony Pun For Siding With Shatta Wale

Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has slammed Anthony Pun, the former manager of Samini for siding with Shatta Wale as regards their recent spat on United Television (UTV).

Apparently, Tony wasn’t happy with the way the entertainment journalist took it out on Wale when he labeled him as the most inconsistent and confused, which is the basis for their infamous clash on UTV and has insisted he wouldn’t have taken lightly on Arnold at all he was in Wale’s hoes.

“You call an artiste confused on Live TV….ibe ma artiste like dem lock me by now,” Tony Pun wrote.

Arnold shot back in a Facebook by suggesting that Tony is a coward and he’s shocked he has now found his voice but did nothing when the same Shatta Wale dragged Samini’s brand in the mud when he was managing him.

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He retorted;

“Shut your trap, shut the hell up, homeboy!” Your artiste(s) were severely mistreated while you were in charge. You were virtually decimated.”

“One artist ruined the label as a whole, and you did nothing about it. In fact, you kept your a$$ quiet for the entire time… So you’ve finally found your voice? Arnold replied.

Arnold wrote;

I’M CONFUSED!I am confused! Seriously, I am confused, bewildered and I am not angry about it. I embrace my confusion with pride and my bewilderment emanates from somewhere – the guy in the shot; Anthony Daning aka Tony Pun.Tony Pun, for those who are oblivious or have forgotten, was the Manager for Samini and a high ranking member for High Grade Family, and by extension, had Kaakie’s interest at heart too.

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Brethren, this man made this post, unedited;”U call an artiste confused on Live TV….ibe ma artiste like dem lock me by now.”

Homeboy, shut your trap, shut the heck up!Under your watch, your artiste(s) were gravely disrespected. You were virtually annihilated.

One artiste messed the entire label up – you did nothing. In fact, you kept your ass mute throughout the period.Who locked your ass up? Lol. Stop the gimmick.Oh, so you now found your voice?Hw3, charlie, sit your hypocritical ass down!


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