The Person Who Stole Nana Aba’s Scented Candle Allegedly Apologizes To Her

After lamenting and threatening to expose the person who stole her scented candle, Nana Aba Anamoah has disclosed that the person has apologized.

Yesterday, Nana Aba took to her Twitter handle to lament about her scented candle which was stolen by an uninvited guest who was at her birthday party and threatened to share a video of her CCTV to expose the thief.

Today, Nana Aba has shared a chat supposedly between her and the person who stole the scented candle apologizing to her saying he/she thought it was part of the souvenirs since some of his/her friends took some away.

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The thief then pleaded with Nana Aba not to share the video of the CCTV as that will disgrace him and he won’t be able to stay on campus asking her to forgive him/her and that he/she will return the scented candle stolen.

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Nana Aba on the other hand was busily correcting the spellings of the thief but never said anything about whether she has forgiven him/her or not but as they say, silence means concern hence we guess she has forgiven the person.

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After she accused someone of stealing her scented candle, netizens criticized her saying even though she claimed the person was uninvited, sharing it on social media wasn’t necessary since it looked like everyone who went was a suspect.

screenshot below;

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