6 Online Games To Keep You Engaged While At Home

The Pandemic has taught us one thing; there is nothing we can do to avoid the wrath of nature. What we can do is comply and stay indoors. With the limitation of movement, we have little to do. All of us can try to bake or break into trying something different. 

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We all miss socialising. There was so much to do to have coffee with friends, strolling in parks, watching movies together, partying in clubs, etc. However, people now want to come out of this isolation and give their heart a treat. One of the ways of doing that is by playing online multiplayer games. 

Socialising Online with Multiplayer Games

Many people fret about how are they going to play. First of all, these applications are free for both iPhone and Android users. Second, they are easy to play and ward off any negative feeling you might be dealing with alone. 

Top 5 Multiplayer Games Online

Slots Online

A multiplayer slot is a community slot that is played by many participants simultaneously. So, unlike a traditional slot game where the player places the bet and goes for a spin, in multiplayer mode, you may play some lines individually while featuring with other players for multiple lines. In addition, you can talk with other players in the chat room and see their wins and losses. The experience is worthwhile. You can play it on Slotsformoney.com

Polish those Grey Cells With Trivia Royale

Trivia Royale is an app-based video game published by Quizup. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times like Call of Duty: Warzone, making it one of the most played trivia competition. 

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It is proved that our mind grows when it faces new challenges. So, the game aligns you against 1000 players to give correct answers to multiple type questions on different subjects such as animals, geography, politics, etc. 

You are assigned a virtual avatar. You can play and win accessories for it for customisation. The game reflects your facial movements on your avatar as you play. 


This is an ultimate game published by Epic Games that runs the Fortnite Franchise.  The game allows you to video chat with your friends. If you are accessing it on Chrome, you may need to download an extension. There is no requirement of such a thing if you are accessing the game on Safari. The games played are:-

  • Quick Draw
  • Chips and Guac
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Heads Up!
  • Trivia: Finish the Song Lyric

 Song Quiz

Have you ever played Name That Tune? It was a TV game show in which the players were required to identify the famous songs by their tunes. Song Quiz is a digital version of that. This game can be played through Amazon Echo or Nest to give you a feeling of naturality. 

Volley Inc develops the game. The game has songs from the 1960s in its database. It would be best if you chose a decade. A small part of a song would be played for you. Within a stipulated time, you get points for guessing the song correctly. There is a bonus point if you name the artist too. 

You can play this song with your family members or whomsoever you want online. The database keeps on updating and adding new songs to make the game relatable for the younger generation. 

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This can take you to the world tour where you have the chance of becoming a wealthy landlord just by rolling the dice and buying the property of the board. Parker Brothers created the most loved board game of the century. 

The digital version is available to App Store and Play Store for Apple and Android devices, respectively. However, you will have to shed around $4 to play the online version. Marmalade Game Studio develops the game. 

The game features background music, small sound effects for moves, a 3D city board with beautiful animation, and two different modes for single players and multiplayer. 

The game has several versions based on the demographic of a particular place. The players may unlock them with in-app purchases for a personalised feel. With the Explorer Pack, players may go on to enjoy different cities and become their landlord. 


This is the boss of all the board games as it offers the participants to play and choose from 1000 games. Some of the games included are:-

  • Chess
  • Skyfall
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Scythe
  • Seven Souls
  • Hearts
  • Wingspan

You can chat with other participants while playing. It is available on App Store and Play Store. The free version of Tabletopia is known as Bronze, with a limited version of games to choose from. Bronze features two modes only. The entire catalogue can be played by subscribing at a monthly fee of $5 and $10. 

However, you should be alert for any scammers. They target lone players leading to identity theft and romantic scams. The best option is to pay with your friends and have fun. 

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