God Has Rejected Obasanjo And Buhari; Solution Lies With One Man – Nigerian Prophet Declares

A cleric, Prophet Segun Adebayo, has stated that God has rejected former President Olusegun Obasanjo, because when he had an opportunity to clean up the mess in the country in 1999, he failed to use his opportunity.

The cleric added that God had also rejected President Muhammadu Buhari and he could foresee a crisis in northern Nigeria, saying the only man with a solution is one of the conveners of the Yoruba nation agitation, Prof Banji Akintoye.

The prophet said these in an interview by Asabeafrika.com, obtained by SaharaReporters on Thursday.

Speaking in Yoruba, Adebayo of the Christ Apostolic Church, said Obasanjo was disobedient to God and “the grace has left him”.

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The prophet said, “The Lord sent the hosts of heaven with many swords. The swords have not gone back. There will be a crisis in the North; the people of Buhari will be no more. Where is the generation of Murtala Mohammed?

“Obasanjo was a beloved of God but he was disobedient. The grace has left him. When he got there in 1999 was when he was given the opportunity. That was when we gave Obasanjo the grace to rectify what was wrong. And we told him, he did not listen. What they wanted to eat did not let them listen.

“Solution will not come from him again. I am praying for Baba Akintoye – Prof Banjo Akintoye. I saw that they gave him a solution. That was why I said Sunday Igboho and Gani Adams should not fight each other.

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“What God sent Igboho to do is what he is doing. Let Gani Adams not let people push him. I called Baba Akintoye and I told him that he should warn Sunday Igboho to be wary of the people around him.

“They should not let kings and politicians divide you and Igboho. You are the ones that God will give the glory in this struggle. It is he who ends the struggles that we will say well done to.”

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