How Shopping Helped People Tide Over The Pandemic

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Retail therapy has been a significant stress reliever during the pandemic. People have been locked up in their houses most of 2020 and 2021. But E-commerce has flourished, and people have indulged in online shopping, be it for essentials, comfort, or even for pleasure. Here are some items showing us how shopping helped people tide over the pandemic. 

Jewelry and Watches

There has been a considerable surge in the purchase of jewelry and watches, according to jewelry retailer The Pearl Source. Increases in sales for watches ranging from $50K-$100K have seen a sales rise of 48% from 2019 to 2020. At the same time, the jewelry industry has experienced a surge of 106% from March 2020 to March 2021. With the economy taking a downward plunge, these items have become affordable, but luxury brands have soared in business. Whether as an investment or as a fashion accessory, jewelry has been the top choice for gifting.   Fitness has also been a priority for many people, and therefore smart watches with fitness monitors have sold like hotcakes. 

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Home fitness has become an in-thing with people becoming more health-conscious about the sedentary lifestyle of work-from-home. Walks and runs have also been more popular since these regimes do not need one to be in crowded spaces. Shoes, therefore, especially sports shoes, have been amongst the most bought items during the pandemic. With excess cash reserves and fewer places to spend, people have invested heavily in shoes. Athleisure sales have seen an 84% rise in sales since the beginning of the pandemic. 


With work-from-home, online classes, and lockdown blues, laptops, tablets, and smart wearables have been on every household’s shopping list. These items are man’s best friend during the pandemic, whether as a necessity or for status or leisure. Entertainment was also restricted to screens. Smart wearables like ear-pods, smart watches, Google-eye, etc., helped individuals tide over the complexities and boredom of life within four walls. 

Home furnishing

Though deliveries and installations were not readily available, many families made most of the time they got home to refurbish. Furniture, mattresses, curtains, paintings, glassware, etc., were purchased to beautify the home. Since people started spending more time at home, they looked to maximize beauty as well as comfort. 

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A lot of drinkers stocked up on alcohol. It could have been due to the fear of unavailability or simply lack of entertainment. Sadly, depression has also been a significant part of the pandemic, and alcohol consumption has risen considerably. Beers, wine, spirits, and other alcohol were bought in bulk online with the help of delivery services. The e-commerce D2C wine sales have seen a surge of 153.4% from 2019 to 2020. 


The pandemic has been a huge spirit dampener for most of the world. But people have done whatever possible to keep their spirits high and fight the virus. It’s been tough being indoors and living in complex situations, but shopping seems to have been good therapy for many. Here is how shopping helped people tide over the pandemic.  

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