Man Discovered with 43 Wives and Over 200 Children

In Ghana’s Upper East Region, a man simply identified as Nana was discovered to have almost 200 children with his 43 marriages.

The Angel TV Morning Show (Anopa Bofo) team, lead by Kofi Adomah, traveled to Tenzuku, a 13-hour trip from Accra, to interview some of the youngsters about the huge family.

Although the guy was not there, his spokesman stated that the anticipated number of wives and children was lower than the actual total.

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According to him, the female children of a polygamous father are typically not included since they depart to live with their spouses after they marry.

He further stated that there is almost no place in Ghana where a Tenzuku indigene cannot be located since many have migrated to other areas of the country.

Despite their vast number, the guy claims that the entire family lives quietly, eats from one another, and serves as watchmen and women over one another’s children.

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