Igbo People Rejoicing Against Defeat of Their Own Have Mental Problems — Anglican Bishop

Igbo People Rejoicing Against Defeat of Their Own Have Mental Problems --- Anglican Bishop

Anglican Bishop of Nnewi Diocese, Rt. Rev Ndubuisi Chukwuka Obi has lambasted Igbo people rejoicing at their kinsmen’s predicaments.

He lamented that Nigerians of Igbo extraction are fond of jubilating when one of their own has fallen into any defeat, adding that the people of the South East do not have the culture of protecting their own.

The cleric used an analogy of a boy that was not happy about how his people are unfairly treated and the government arrested him for talking against the ills of the people at the corridors of power.

Obi, who spoke in Igbo, said the Igbo political elite lacks cohesion which is adversely affecting the people as a whole.

He said the Hausa and Fulani people were excited about the arrest and incarceration of the poor boy (Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu), but described that the Igbo people who jubilated against the ‘boy’ must have a mental disorder. 

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The Anglican Bishop said this in a video obtained by SaharaReporters on Sunday.

“There was one boy who was not happy about the way his people are being treated. So, he started talking about the ill-treatment been meted out on his people and was talking too much (both what he should and shouldn’t talk about) so the government got hold of him and arrested him.

“So the uncircumcised Hausa/Fulani with their governors were jubilating that their enemy has been arrested. And you the Igbo in the East you are also jubilating that he was arrested. Those Igbos jubilating have a mental problem,” Obi said.

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He said also, “whenever the enemy is jubilating that your brother has lost a battle or an election, and you also are joining them to jubilate, then you have a problem.”

The clergyman cited the case of David in the Bible who did not rejoice over the calamity of Saul and the Israelites despite that that he was haunted by him.

“David was pained that the enemy will rejoice because of what has befallen the Israelites. It’s a pity that only the Igbos are the tribe that does not know how to protect their own people. Our greatest problem as Igbos is that we lack oneness especially among the elites,” Obi said.

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