What Happened Between Nana Appiah And Michy As Shatta Wale’s Alleged Cousin Drags Them

After threatening to expose Michy for reasons yet to be known, the alleged cousin of Shatta Wale has continued to drag Michy alleging that something happened between her and Nana Appiah.

Shatta Wale’s cousin in an earlier post gave Michy 24hrs, to tell the truth about something and stop playing the victim card saying she’s coming for her and Nana Appiah so she can clear her name asking her to tell everyone the reason why she left her baby daddy’s house.

The lady continued to rant and dragged Michy with Nana Appiah in her latest post saying she is coming for them as she has to clear her name and if not for anything at all for his son to know that his mother is innocent from all the allegations leveled against her.

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She went ahead to mock Michy asking where Nana Appiah her hero is that she’s crying just two years that she has been on her own as she threatens to expose her of the secret she has been hiding and Michy hasn’t even given her the attention she’s seeking with all her rants.

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The post of the alleged cousin of Shatta Wale insinuates that something happened between Michy and Nana Appiah which led to her moving out of Shatta Wale’s house and she has been involved in it because of a misunderstanding but now wants to clear her name.

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But Michy has been quiet upon all her threats and dare to expose her and that has made us wonder what exactly happened between Michy and the said Nana Appiah that made her left Shatta Wale and now her cousin has vowed to drag and expose them.

Screenshot below;

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