Monday, August 2, 2021

Blogger Reveals How Shatta Wale Used Michy To Blackmail Nam1

Blogger Cutie julls has disclosed how Shatta Wale and his manager Bulldog used his then-girlfriend Michy to blackmail Nam1 and get him to do their bidding for a very long time.

The blogger reacting to allegations of the alleged cousin of Shatta Wale insinuating that something happened between Michy and Nam1 made the shocking revelation that Shatta Wale and Bulldog used Michy to blackmail Nam1.

According to the blogger, Bulldog surprisingly met Michy and Nam1 in a very compromising situation and took pictures which they later used to blackmail Nam1 and that led to Nam1 signing Shatta Wale to Zylofone at a very high cost because he wanted to protect his image and business.

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But then Shatta Wale and Bulldog used the pictures to their advantage to work for themselves even though they planned the whole thing with Michy from the beginning which she agreed to do because of the love she has for Shatta Wale but never had any s.exual relationship with Nam1.

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And that is what Shatta Wale‘s alleged cousin is trying to use against them and make it look as if they had any s.exual relationship which made Shatta Wale ended things with Michy but then it was a planned thing to extort from Nam1 and they succeeded in that.

On that faithful day, Bull Dog supposedly caught Michy and Nam1 in a compromising [not having s*x] situation in Nam1’s office.
He brought out his phone & snapped them without Nam1 being aware.
Well fast forward, Shatta contacted Nam1 Bull Dog had informed him about Michy and & hNam1 seen in a very “compromising position” & that he has proof.

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