Moesha Buduong Preaches In An Uncompleted Building-Video

Conceived Moesha Buduong, a Ghanaian actress, has revealed surprising admissions about how some decisions she made in her former life influenced her future.

Moesha, now Mauricie, seems to be in the news for months after she reformed and decided to dedicate her life to Jesus Christ.

She was seen in a viral video driving many in the congregation underneath the anointing of the Holy Spirit while singing worship hymns to glorify God.

On social media, actress Mauricie has demonstrated to skeptics that she has truly hung up her slaying queen heels and wig and put on the armor of God in order to win souls for Christ.

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Moesha has addressed what her previous life as a top slay queen robbed from her in her typical evangelistic spirit.

Moesha Buduong was seen preaching to some individuals in an unfinished building in a video that went viral, using her own life as a case study.

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Moesha acknowledged reports that she was associating with wealthy men, but she stated that the majority of these men grabbed her destiny in order to increase their wealth.

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She claims that God, in his great wisdom, endowed each person with a specific grace to assist them on earth, but the devil lures them with wealth and a false lifestyle to wicked individuals who swallow the glory and leave them empty-handed.

Moesha said that no regardless of what crimes one has committed if they devote their lives to Christ as she has, they will be restored to their former splendor.

Watch the video below:


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