NAM1 Gave You Money To Fix Your Breast-Shatta Wale’s Cousin Accuses His Baby Mama Michy

Shatta Wale’s cousin, Love, is dragging Michy through the mud for exposing Shatta Wale as an irresponsible father and spouse.

Michy, Ghana’s dancehall king’s baby mama, has claimed that she has been caring for their son Majesty on her own since her relationship with Shatta soured.

She claimed that the wealthiest artiste in Ghana doesn’t really pay his son’s tuition fees. Her accusations sparked outrage, and Shatta’s cousin, Mag Love, came to protect her “sweet cousin.”

As per Love, Michy has been playing the race card since her relationship with dancehall superstar Shatta Wale ended.

Mag Love has come back with further claims that Menzgold CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah also as NAM1, provided Michy money without Shatta Wale’s approval in fixing her breasts and tummy.

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Love further said Michy was on the blind side of Shatta, traveling to Nigeria, with Slay Queen Hajia4Real. But she(Mag Love) knows what Michy was about to do.

She asked Michy what she had done with NAM1 to the businessman’s benefit.

She posted on her Instagram account saying,

“How am I the cause of your break up oh Michy you like using me to play self-pity but what did you do for Nam1 @nana_appiah_m to give you money to fix your breast and stomach while you were in a relationship with bra Nii.”

“And don’t tell me he knew about it cause you and I know he knew nothing or should we talk about the trip to Nigeria with @hajia4reall 🤣🤣🤣(what happens in Nigeria stays in Nigeria) which one you want us to talk about 🤷🏽‍♀️ the men or the women 💯 load… the bible says suffer not for the witch to live so my dear you messed with the wrong person. We continue tomorrow ✂️✌🏽”.


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