Comedian Warris Blasts Hammer For Speaking Ill About Ghanaian Comedians

He was recently signed to Kantanka TV. In response to Hammer’s remarks on Ghanaian humor, Warris, a comedian who came to public attention after posting a pedophilic tweet about Sarkodie and Titi’s kid, has slammed the Last Two boss for his opinions on comedy in the country.

In a subsequent conversation, Hammer expressed the following sentiments on the status of comedy in Ghana:

He said,

“Even comedians don’t have a place when they are discovered now. We’re stuck with about three of them and they’re going back and forth and it isn’t funny anymore. I’m telling you we need more, they’re there out there, they’re there on Facebook. You see what I’m saying? They’re too big now.

“When you get to a level and you’re too big you stop being funny. Because now you’re eating, you’re not funny anymore, you’re posh… Listen to me, don’t go misquote me. I’m trying to say that the comedians, when they get to a level and they become posh, and they become okay they stop being funny.

“So we need comedians. Comedians are out there right now in Alajo, Ashiaman, who are funny. And we need to start recruiting. When was the last time we saw a new one? They’re creating their own content on Facebook because no platform is accommodating them… “

In a Zoom conversation with KMJ on Showbiz Now, comedian Warris was questioned what he felt of the remarks made by the Last Two’s boss, who is himself a comedian.

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The comic said, among other things, that Hammer hasn’t done enough study on Ghanaian humor to make such judgments.

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He also compared Hammer to Nigeria’s Don Jazzy. He went on to say that he has never seen Hammer promote and comedian skit on his social media pages as Don Jazy having been doing for Nigerian Comedians.

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He also complained that comedians in Ghana has not being treated well and are not given a good stage for them to showcase their talent.

Watch interview below:


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