It’s cringeworthy to note that people actually think it’s totally okay to have period $ex – Socialite Pretty Mike

Popular Nigerian socialite, Pretty Mike, stirred interesting reactions from fans after he expressed disgust at people who enjoy having sex when their female partners are experiencing their monthly cycle.

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In a post shared on his Instagram page, PrettyMike averred that any man who demands sex from a woman when she is undergoing her monthly circle shows he has no self-control and can sleep with anything and anyone.

He also expressed disgust at women who also say they enjoy sex more when they are on their period.

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He wrote

How difficult is it to wait 4-5 days before having sex while your partner is seeing their period?

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I love the whole idea of intimacy but honestly I can’t even aspire to that level.

It’s just weird that people even consider it , It shouldn’t even be fetishized.
it’s messy … it’s nasty and just not right.

I mean you’ve got a whole bunch of safe days, why be greedy and add the period days to it?

If you can plunge your d**k into a bleeding vagina then you can sleep with anything and anyone , honestly there’s no iota of self control in you.
Towels and showers still don’t change the fact that there’s still a flow.

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It’s cringeworthy to note that people actually think it’s totally okay to have period sex.. it is not.

I have no right to tell you what to do with you body but abeg don’t make your preference an unchallengeable conviction.(what am I hearing that some of u girls want it and even are more horny when u are on ur monthly) ewooooh?

What is not right is not right oooooh……“

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