Every word Mikel Arteta said on Willock’s future, back-up goalkeeper, summer transfers and Tottenham

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Your reflections on the game and Arsenal’s performance?

It was a great test to play that game before starting [the new season]. The game had different phases. The first ten minutes when we had some problems in our high press and we were a little disorganised. After that I think we got control of the game and we dominated it. We had some big chances, we didn’t score. They had one big chance and didn’t score. Second half was very interrupted because the amount of substitutes. It was difficult to get a flow in the game and the game was decided in an action where we made a mistake and we got punished.

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What was the reason for Joe Willock and Rob Holding’s absences?

Yeah, two different reasons. With Rob he wasn’t available, he wasn’t fit enough to play today. And with Joe we will explain the reasons when we can.

Are we presuming on Joe it’s to do with a transfer to Newcastle?

That’s all I can say now. When I can say more I will let you know.

You haven’t really added to your squad in that position this summer. Are you happy going into the Brentford game on Friday with what you have?

What we have is what we have to maximise and worrying about things we don’t have at the moment, there’s no point. My energy is all on the players we have, to make them better and make them a bigger threat and win matches.

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Is the back up goalkeeper a position you hope will be filled by Friday?

I don’t know what will happen. Again I repeat myself. We train with the players we have available. We try to do the right things to improve the team in the areas that are needed. At the moment we came so far and there’s still a window that is open.

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