Pierluigi Gollini explains why Cristian Romero will become one of the world’s best centre-backs

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What is your reaction to Harry Kane staying?

Obviously we’re all very happy. It’s normal. We know how good Harry is as a player & how important he is for this club and this team. For me, he’s definitely one of the best strikers in the world so I think it’s very big and important news for us and the T fans. We just very happy.

You’ve settled in well, do it already feel like you’ve been here forever?

You’re right. Some things just click naturally and I felt very welcome from the very first moment. I feel very good with the boys. I get on with everybody and this is very important for me. It’s important to live good with the team, to be happy with the people that work in the club. And when all these things are here for, it’s very good for me as a player. I’m happy, I’m feeling very good.

Did you come here to play with top players like Harry Kane, Son and Dele?

Of course. I’ve been playing for the last few years at Atalanta. We’re always competing to finish in the top three and in the Champions League. For me, it’s another step. I played against the best players in the world already and to be part of a team like this is a big thing. I want to prove myself. It’s a very big chance and I’m very happy for this opportunity.

Have your experiences at Manchester United and Aston Villa helped you with this move?

I think that’s a good point. Those experiences were key experiences for me. It’s a key point because going to a new country, a new league and knowing everything about it is a step that you don’t have to take. You always know what to expect. So it was a very important for me and I hope all those experiences make me ready very soon. Every experience you make is something you learn. It’s very important.

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How important has it been to work with Hugo Lloris?

Of course, it’s important. When you play with big players, top players who have won trophies and been at the top level for so many years, you always have to learn. To learn on the pitch, to learn outside the pitch, to learn how to lead the team. All of this is part of a process that I’m doing. I know where I want to go and I’m very happy for this opportunity. Hugo has been very good with me, we’ve had a great relationship from the very first moment and I can only thank him for that. We work very well together and this is the most important thing.

What do Spurs need to get back into the top four?

It’s not easy to stay always at the top, because especially in England, compared to other countries and leagues, there is a lot of competition and every year a lot of teams have a lot of money to buy new players and sell players, so the level is always very high.

There are so many teams that can be competitive and fight for one position: for the Premier League, for Champions League, for Europa League. There are many teams that can be involved in a fighting position and it’s not easy.

Also I think when you change manager after a long time and you keep changing manager it’s not easy. We’re very happy now because we are a very close group, working well together, working hard and building a strong mentality. We’re very positive mentality and this is very important and I hope this can take us to very good things.

What’s it like working under Nuno Espirito Santo, there seems to be a spirit growing already?

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For him, it’s very important we’re a strong group together. He really cares about that and I think it’s very important. In football you have tactical things, individuals skills but to achieve big things you always need a strong group and a group of people all going the same way.

What can you take from Lloris?

There is always something to learn, and to steal. You have to be in a previous career, you always have to be able to steal things from everybody. It can be in the pitch, it can be in the changing room, and how people have an attitude, this kind of things. You always have to be very aware of what’s going around you. You have to learn from everybody, and from everything.

How is Cristian Romero settling in?

He’s settling in very good. He doesn’t speak English, but he’s learning, we have a lot of people that speak Spanish here. He’s a very quiet guy, very calm, chilled, but on the pitch he’s an animal.

I think he’s perfect for Premier League and I think he will become one of the best centre-backs in the world for sure, and very happy to play here with him again for another season, we have a great relationship, very happy he’s here, I know he can bring a lot here.

What’s he like as a player?

I think he’s really impressive ‘on the man’, when he’s man-marking one v one, he’s a beast, an animal, the guy is very very strong. I like him because he’s a v tough guy on the pitch, he’s a guy who never backs down, he always puts his foot, his face, where he needs to. I think he can bring a lot to this team, and with the other defenders we have, I think, I hope we can have a very strong defence.

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