Every word Nuno Espirito Santo said on Romero and Lo Celso quarantine, Spurs defence and Sissoko

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What pleased you the most today?

Our fans. The way they support us when the team was in trouble. The way they start pushing. Really pleasing. You ask about all the things, that was the one. From the game? The organisation. I think we kept all the game the shape, the right triggers, the right moments to press. Much better in the second half when we recover higher up the pitch.

But what pleased me is when we could not kill the game, we had chances to do so, we didn’t lose our minds, we stick together, and we were compact, we did not allow too many chances to Watford. That was good. The balance between these two aspects was good, and in the end, the way we managed the game. Something I didn’t like: we should be more clinical, I think we had enough quality and talent players to kill the game.

Could you imagine being top after three games?

That doesn’t mean anything at all, that doesn’t mean anything. I invite everybody, not only the players, but our fans to don’t pay attention to that. Don’t pay attention to that. Let’s keep on working, we still have a long way and a lot of aspects to improve on.

No goals conceded must be a pleasing aspect for you?

That’s the beginning of everything. Always said the shape, organisation, being solid and compact because we have talent. Being consistent is what we are focused on and we have to keep on going. Today we control very well the deep Watford was clearly trying to make us go higher on our lines to play on our backs. The back four control very well. But at the same time, the second balls we need to sooner to be anticipating that part of our game. Something we have to improve. Well done, we keep on going. Now the players go, we’ll stay, we’ll look, we’ll work with the players going to stay- and try to make better for the next one.

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Can you clarify the situation on Cristian Romero and Giovani Lo Celso and whether they will go with Argentina or stay?

It’s a problem that not affect us but affects all clubs and all the South American players playing in the Premier League.

We have to obey the government law. We will try to do so but at the same time we don’t have any kind of help from FIFA, the government or the Premier League in support in this situation.

We know what it means for all of the players to play for their national teams. It’s something they’re very proud of, so what we are trying to do is anticipate the situations. So expecting that not only for the next international break but also there will be a couple more, so we need to be clear.

Do you know if Lo Celso and Romero want to go?

I will ask you the same, is there any player when he is called up for his international team that will say no?

Can you be clear, will they go and how long for?

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We are trying to take care of that situation. Trying to anticipate the damage. Us as a club we are working on that.

Can you be more clear?

What we are trying to do is anticipate when they return so my answer is clear isn’t it?

They will have to serve a quarantine when they get back?

We are trying to create a plan….

Thomas Tuchel said the Brazilian players would miss three games, do you feel the same?

I feel the same, all of us as managers have this problem to try and solve. We cannot stop it but we try and find the best way for so when they return we can get them sooner. There are ways and we as a club we are trying to provide a support for our player.

Did you expect Moussa Sissoko to play?

He joined Watford today, we worked together for a few weeks. I have huge respect for Moussa, huge and I just want to wish him all the best at Watford because it has been a pleasure. I have big admiration for Moussa. A true gentleman.

Was Moussa part of any preparation for the game this week with you?

No, this week was different because of the Conference League game in midweek, so this is different. But there is no issue at all, the moment he joined Watford he became a Watford player so the decision of playing him was with the manager of Watford, we cannot interfere, we did not interfere. Everything is clear, huge respect and admiration.

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