Pastor disgraced & forced to marry fiancée’s corpse after she died when he allegedly aborted her pregnancy without her consent to save face

A Nigerian pastor who reportedly killed his fiancée while attempting to abort her pregnancy has been forced to marry her corpse.

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It was gathered that the deceased, Success Chioma and the founder of Life Transformation Praying Ministry, in Akwakuma, Owerri, Emeka Sunday dated for 5 years and preparations have started for their wedding when the incident happened.

According to the family of the deceased, Chioma fell pregnant and told her fiancé about it, the news however didn’t it well with him and he asked her to abort it but she refused.

Seeing that she wouldn’t change her mind about keeping the pregnancy, to save his reputation, Sunday allegedly invited her to his place and gave her a drink laced with a drug to abort the pregnancy without her knowing.

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She became unconscious immediately after taking the laced drink, he then took her to a hospital and asked for a doctor to terminate the pregnancy. The doctor is said to have refused but the pastor allegedly insisted.

During the procedure, Chioma reportedly started vomiting blood and the doctor advised that the deceased be taken to FMC.

At FMC, Sunday allegedly registered his fiancée with a different name and then called her family to let them know she was ill. Unfortunately, Chioma died before her family’s arrival.

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A statement released by one Wilfred Okoye, on behalf of the family, revealed that the pastor confessed to drugging her in order to terminate her pregnancy, after autopsy reports showed that there was drug in her system.

The family of the deceased made the pastor marry Chioma before her funeral and her obituary carried the pastor’s Surname. Success Chioma ‘Sunday’, as a sign that he has married her.


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