Malami says government has identified sponsors of terrorism

Mr Malami said he would not release the names of those indicted for sponsoring terrorism.

He said naming them would be “preemptive” in ongoing investigations.


He highlighted some of the steps the government had taken to block the funding of terrorism activities since investigations on the matter started earlier in the year.


He said, “As far as terrorism financing is concerned, we have identified those responsible for the funding.


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“Secondly, we have blocked the leakages associated with the funding, and we are embarking on an aggressive investigation in terms of the fight against terrorism.

“But then, the truth of the matter is that investigations are ongoing; and the purpose of these investigations, I would not want to be preemptive in terms of making disclosures as far as investigation is concerned.”

He also assured that the arrest and detention of suspects were based on court orders.

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