BBC Hits Back At Coverage Of Fuel Crisis

BBC Hits Back At Coverage Of Fuel Crisis.

According To BBC News over the scarcity of fuel crisis, Businesses hit back after receiving complaints from people who felt their reporting on the petrol supply problems led to consumers heading out to fillings stations, resulting in the issue worsening.

Although this is an important story of national significance and intro audiences a BBC spokesperson said “We have reported on the advice from fuel operators and the government not to panic. We have stressed that there is no shortage of fuel at refineries and highlighted that the key issue is the lack of tanker drivers to deliver it to garage forecourts”.

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Also, he adds “We do not agree that this amounts to scaremongering. BBC News has reported developments in this story accurately and responsibly and continues to do so as events unfold”.


However, BBC’s rebuttal of the fuel crisis comes after many voiced their anger at the corporation’s coverage on social media ‘Stop reporting this and then the panic buying will stop, then things will return to normal.

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