Asian Doll Snaps At Online Critics Invested In Her Personal Life Calling Them “Fans”

Chile! Somebody must’ve rubbed Asian Doll the complete wrong way on Sunday evening. The rapper took to Twitter and let a few profane messages off her chest. And one thing you can be sure of, she didn’t hold back the bad taste left in her mouth!

By now, we all know Asian Doll has no issues getting straight to the point of what she’s talking about. She began her Sunday mini rant by addressing her critics from the jump.

“You bi***es be worried bout me like I’m y’all kid or some lol I’ll never give a fu*k,” Asian Doll wrote on Twitter. “You bi***es stay with my name in y’all mouth I stay on you h*es mind.”

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Then, she continues on to list the personal details about her life that these critics can’t get enough of.

“Worrying bout my accomplishments, who I’m dating, who I’m f****ng, how I dress & how I talk, what I’m posting etc. will never put money in your pockets you ho*s is literally FANS,” Asian Doll tweeted.

By this point, it’s still unclear who Asian is directly her tweets at. Still, that doesn’t hold her back from laying it on thick.

“I get wifed up off the rip idk how it feel to be a side bi**h or a sneaky link or get treated anything less than the princess treatment you h**s ain’t on sh*t but d**k…literally,” Asian tweeted.

Asian Doll also revealed intimate details about her sex life, including how she carries herself in sexual situations. She labeled her intimate area a “treasure box.”

“I’ll go years without sex before I let a …. ni**a fu*k me,” Asian Doll said. “My (cat emoji) a treasure box ain’t sh*t but GOLD & Diamonds in that mf.”

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