Indiana Rally’s Employees Walk Out During Night Shift- Allegations Of Rat Infestation & Low Wage Said To Be The Cause

While many people are in need of a job, a few folks at a Rally’s restaurant located in Jefferson, Indiana decided to walk away from their roles.

According to FOX LA, the night shift walked out, and left a note explaining why. Attached to the drive-thru speaker, they allege there’s a rat infestation, unsafe working conditions, and they aren’t paid enough.

“There’s a rat infestation, that they aren’t paid enough, and that there are health code violations,” WHAS reporter Tom Lally said. “Obviously, none of that’s confirmed. But what is confirmed is that there are no employees here. All of the lights are still on.” 

The letter was signed, “the manager who’s had enough!” WHAS reports.

While employees appeared to have left the building, customers were still in need of food.

“We just came here to order some food, no one came to the window. We had a lady come through saying they walked out, upset about something.”

The Clark County Health Department told WHAS that it has had past with the estbalistmen in the past. They also stated that they “will investigate the claims of unsanitary conditions.”

“Our highest priority is the health of our citizens so we take any complaint of this magnitude extremely seriously,” a statement from the department said.

As previously reported, America is currently in the midst of “The Great Resignation,” as close to five million Americans quit their jobs in the month of August alone…and experts say things could get worse.

While most Americans were enjoying their summer fun this year, millions also took the time to leave their jobs behind for good. @CNBC reports, in August of this year 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs, while some decided to leave the workforce completely—and those who still want to work cite job security and better pay as the main reasons they are looking elsewhere for employment. Based on data from the Labor Department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, the rate for quitting jobs rose to 2.9%, the highest since December 2000. Those numbers helped earn the name “The Great Resignation.”

Roomies, what do you think of this?

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