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Monday is here, and Chelsea fans around the world have now entered what is likely to be the most slow moving international break they’ve ever experienced.

Not only is there the usual frustration of your club not playing for a fortnight – just when you were used to them playing twice a week – but Chelsea fans also have the future of their club to think about.

The bids for Chelsea are in, and nobody knows for sure when there will be any indication – let alone any decision – on who has won the right to buy them.

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It leaves us all in a rather awkward state of paralysis, not knowing whether we should be waking up and checking the news every day this week, or whether the Raine Group will remain totally tight lipped for another month.

Without any club football to distract us, it’s going to be a long couple of weeks. All we can hope is that when it’s over, we will be emerging back into a brave new world with rich and decent owners who want to support the continued success of the club, not just milk it for money.

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Fingers crossed.

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